Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: My child has been diagnosed with AD/HD; now what?
A: Check out for Parents and Caregivers..

Q: I’m an adult and I think I may have AD/HD. How can I find out if I do or not?
A: Read Diagnosis of ADHD in Adults.

Q: Where can I find a medical professional that specializes in AD/HD?
A: Check with your local chapter or go to CHADD’s national directory of AD/HD professionals.

Q: What is the best treatment for AD/HD?
A: Read about evidence-based best practices.

Q: How do I obtain help and special accommodations for my child in school?
A: See Educational Rights for Children with AD/HD in Public Schools.

Q: Is there a support group in my neighborhood?
A: We have meetings in Dallas and Southlake. Find a support group near you. AND, if there is not a group in your area and you are interested in starting a group, we are always looking for dedicated, hard-working volunteers. Contact our Chapter to see how you can get involved.

Q: I’m concerned about giving my child medication; what are the benefits/side effects?
A: Read what CHADD has to say about AD/HD medication.

Q: How can I help my spouse/significant other with AD/HD?
A: Check out our How adult AD/HD affects relationships..

Q: How can I learn more about parenting a child with AD/HD?
A: Get info here on Parent to Parent training sessions.

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